Joshua UIL Academic Invitational A

2022 — Joshua, TX/US


What are your entry fees?

Academic events (non journalism): $10

Journalism: $14 (we hired judges)

Comp Sci Team: $30 (for up to 3 students)


CX team:$40

Other speaking: $15


What is your school address?

909 South Broadway St

Joshua, TX 76058


Will you have wifi?

Our plan is to have wifi, but as always it may or may not work.


Will you have a concession stand?

Yes! We will have assorted breakfast pastries and snacks throughout the day. Around 11:15 AM we will have pizza and Chicken Express available. We will offer a meal deal to students for purchase.


Do you follow the normal conflict pattern?

We run what we like to call an accelerated schedule. Literary Criticism and Computer Science are moved up during the day to make sure everyone can get home just a little earlier. Double check the schedule to prevent conflicts. 


Will you offer hospitality?

Yes! We will have breakfast pastries, fruit, coffee, etc in the morning. For lunch we will have many different types of chili that are made by our wonderful staff at JHS. We will also have baked potatoes, salad and dessert! Bring your appetite, we always have plenty of food!


Will you provide computers for Ready Writing/Journalism?

We will not provide computers for writing events, but if your students would like to type their entries, they may bring their own computers/printers. We are not responsible for printing issues.


Will Spelling be computerized or on paper?

Spelling will be computerized, students do need to bring their own headphones. We have some, but not enough to provide for everyone.


Will you offer hands on computer science?

Yes we will