Loyola Spring Scrimmage 3rd

2016 — CA/US

Basic Promises

What these scrimmages promise:

(1) Six Quality Prelim Debates - This is relaxed environment for younger debaters (i.e. not seniors) to practice policy debate during the spring in preparation of the summer/next year. Most younger debaters end up traveling far more in the fall than the spring, and thus the later spring ends up usually being a dead period without meaningful debate practice. This offers a way to get in low key rounds but with the opponents and judging to ensure a great educational opportunity. 

(2) Judging - High quality. Guaranteed. Only "well qualified" judges will count toward judge obligation. We have a limited number of "well qualified" judges available for hire if needed.

(3) Hospitality - Will provide dinner friday, brunch saturday, and snacks, water, and coffee throughout.

(4) Reasonable Entry Fees - $75 / team covers use of facilities, wifi, gated parking, 2 meals, coffee, & snacks. 

(5) Rules - A unique set of rules tailored for younger debaters and fair debate (see the Scrimmage Rules Page)

(6) Pot-luck Dinner - One Parent per student, each bring a dish that feeds four to six (their child, themself, a coach, and extra), and everyone shares  "small appetizer portions" of these meals with everyone. Offers a great way for the parents to meet and greet the coach and other debate parents. Ideally, these dishes represent something "unique" about your family that can be a conversation piece during the meet and greet. Someone is always welcome to bring dessert. 

(7) A lay-style finals debate, in a modified form (slow, shorter speeches, with longer / audience driven cross-examinations over scripted subjects relavent to this years topic). Parents will cast votes deciding a winner each scrimmage. Topics for 2016 include the terror da v privacy adv for nsa backdoors; circumvention v relations for nsa backdoors; topicality / crime da v trauama for strip searches, and legalism v racism for strip searches.