Mayde Creek Ram Classic TFA Tournament

2022 — Houston, TX/US

Hired Judges

Thank you for your interest in becoming a judge for the 2022 annual Mayde Creek High School Speech and Debate tournament!  Please fill out this application.

With the transition to Tabroom for our tournaments, please be advised that you must bring a laptop or hand-held device (with a charger) to the tournament. All ballot entries will be performed on Make sure you have set up a tabroom account prior to the day of the tournament if you do not have one already.  

Please fill out the attached documents located HERE and return by email by January 7th to ensure a judging opportunity. Signed and completed forms can be scanned to 

Forms have been prefilled, and highlighted areas require your attention. Make sure to include your Katy ISD vendor number on the first form (Contract/Agreement Approval Request). If you are not registered with KatyISD as a vendor, you can do so by visiting- 



Thank you, 


Consuela Andrew

Speech & Debate Coach

Professional Communications

Room 1206

Mayde Creek High School

19202 Groeschke Rd

Houston, TX 77084