College Prep LD Invitational

2021 — NSDA Campus, CA/US

Independent and Club Entries

We will accept independent entries if the following conditions are met:

1)Students must be accompanied by an adult who is either their guardian or who has been authorized by their guardian. If the adult is not the student's guardian, we require a letter from the guardian identifying the chaperone. The letter should be sent in advance of the tournament, and should be received with the entry fee check. We will drop independent entries who do not meet this requirement by the deadline.

2)Though independent entries do not represent their school, we will not admit independent entries who are attending the tournament against the wishes of their school. Independent entries must provide contact information for their school administration so that this can be confirmed.

3)Home schooled students must provide documentation of their status.

4)Debate clubs/companies must disclose the schools that their students attend. These students must meet the requirements listed above (#1 and #2 for students who attend a school, #1 and #3 for home schooled students). Please send an email providing the requested information.

Please note that independent entry, or entry under the name of a debate club or company will not allow a student to enter if their school has already filled the maximum entry. Our generosity regarding independent entries may not be used to circumvent entry limits.