Warhawk Invitational

2022 — Nampa, ID/US

Congress Legislation

For Congress, we will be using the bills from the NSDA's practice dockets (linked below). 

September Docket

October Docket

November Docket


The following bills will be reserved for finals, so they will not be used in prelims. 


  • 1 - A Bill to Provide Recurring Stimulus Payments

  • 9 - An Amendment on State Antitrust Venues


  • 4 - A Bill to Create a COVID-19 Pandemic Memorial in the Federal District

  • A Bill to Standardize National Drug Laws



  • 1 - A Bill to Institute Land Acknowledgements as a Practice of the Federal Government

  • 8 - A Resolution to Amend the Constitution to Make Senatorial Representation More Equitable