The 2021 North Hall Autumn Classic

2021 — Online, GA/US

EX Draw and Prep Instructions for Online Touraments

You will be drawing and prepping in this "Utility Room" attached to the Extemp Presentation/Judging rooms (NSDA Campus virtual rooms).  It is labeled "EX Prep."

To the left you will find an icon (blue and white) that looks more or less like the profile of a movie camera.  Click that icon, and you will have entered a "virtual room" (roughly like a Zoom room).

There will be a chat function by which you may communicate, in written form with the Proctor in the draw and prep.  You will also be able to communicate verbally through the "Zoom Room" like NSDA Campus system.

Extemporaneous Speakers build "evidence boxes" or files from which you all may pull sources for use within your speech.  

You will  then draw 3 topics, pick the one they like the best (or hate the least) and they have 30 minutes/half an hour in which to prepare, while observed by a proctor.   YOU will need to have your camera on during draw and preparation time, as you are to be observable by the Proctor at all times until preparation is completed.   Then you report to their presentation/judging room where you deliver a speech of not more than 7 minutes duration (30 seconds grace time beyond that is given if absolutely necessary).  

You may be double registered for EX and another division/event.  If that event is Impromptu, you may wish to compete there, asking to go early in the order, and then report back to EX.  You will not have time to tarry or delay in any way, as you do not want to miss your opportunity to speak/compete in both events.

Thus, the proctor runs EX Draw and Prep as follows (for virtual tournaments):

-- The proctor gets the topic list/collection  and a roster of the competitors for the round via email.  The collection is grouped into 7 groups of 3 topics each.  The proctor will want to either print out or write down the competitors' (at least their last) names, so that they can mark start and stop times for the half hour of preparation, and message or verbally tell competitors to report to the judging room at the end of their half hour of preparation.

Sample/Mock Topics for X Round of Extemporaneous Speaking (these are VERY generic, and are NOT to be used at this upcoming tournament -- they are for training/pattern purposes ONLY) :

First Competitors (all sections/rooms) Draw:

Can We Blame – fill in a team – For Its Defeat?

Why Do I Play Golf? Or another kind of sports

Should – fill in a name – Win A MTV Award?


Second Competitors (all sections/rooms) Draw:

I’m Just A Paperboy Now, Will I Become A Millionaire?

Who Is The Laziest Person On The Campus And Why?

Should We All Buy – fill in a product – ?


Third Competitors (all sections/rooms) Draw:

Why Do We Celebrate Thanksgiving?

Which Moviestar Earns Too Much Money In Comparison To His / Her Merits?

Why Is Barcelona A Special Place To Be? Or any other city or region


Fourth Competitors (all sections/rooms) Draw:

Is The X-Box Better Than Playstation?

Will – fill in a name- Become Senator?

Who Is The Best Songwriter?


Fifth Competitors (all sections/rooms) Draw:

Could We Really Say To Our Bosses What’s On Our Mind?

What Television Program Should Be Banned And Why?

Should cruel and very authoritarian principals be sacked – or are there any degrees in domineering the campus population with accordingly disciplinary fines for them?


Sixth Competitors (all sections/rooms) Draw:

Why do we need a Whistle Blower Protection Act – whether we like it or not they always serve as a replacement or scape goat anyway?

Does the Bharatiya Janata Party represents a pan Indian ideology and how did it evolve over the years?

Must we focus more on improving basic education for the poor and historically disadvantaged – and what are the chain reactions for the overall well-being of human beings in society?


Seventh Competitors (all sections/rooms) Draw:

Do gays have as many rights as the rest of society does?

Does global warming makes the Arctic Sea ice melting or is it a conspiracy theory to make us believe to invest in alternative power sources? Both sides of the same coin are extemporaneous public speaking topics you could consider to try out anyway.

Does the world community really want to solve the Darfur Sudan problem even the states are now separated?


-- There may be up to 7 competitors run through each judging room (for this tournament, a single judging room is looking most likely; thus the process is simplified), so there need to be 3 choices present for each of the 7, as the situation plays out.  Some rooms may have fewer than 7, and, in that case, the proctor will stop off at the last competitor for that room, but continue on up to the 7th for any rooms having as many as 7 competitors scheduled.

-- The proctor will get a list of competitors who are to present in each room (either as part of the topic collection, or as a separate attachment to the same email).  This allows for the proctor to record prep start times and predict presentation times for each competitor.

-- The First competitors for the round are shown the first grouping of 3 topics (highlight, control C key for copy, then cursor "plop" and control V key to paste them into the chat box).

-- The First competitors read them, chat back to the Proctor as to which each of them chooses, and the Proctor notes their start time, telling them they now have half and hour/30 minutes in which to prepare -- with their cameras on, in full view.  The proctor should also note what time these should present, and then be able to watch them and the clock.  At the end of the half hour, the Proctor sends this/these First competitor(s) on over to their judging room(s).  The judges may get antsy, since there is a bit of delay between draw and presentation.  The draw is to be started half an hour ahead of round time, if at all possible, to reduce lag time as much as possible and keep judge confusion and chaos to a minimum.  

It really doesn't matter in what order the competitors draw, so long as they draw at the regular interval of 7 to 8 minutes, and prep for not more than half an hour.  Some of the competitors will be dual registered, and due to present in another division.  Ideally some of them will present in their other division before reporting to EX Draw/Prep, so you should take the competitors who show up first on through, and keep the process flowing as much as possible, since EX is the Speech Division that is most prone to over run the allotted time for the round, and delay the tournament.

-- Seven to eight minutes later, the Second competitors should draw and prep in the exact same fashion.

-- Seven to eight minutes later, the Third competitors should draw and prep in the exact same fashion.

-- Seven to eight minutes later, the Fourth competitors should draw and prep in the exact same fashion.

-- Seven to eight minutes later, the Fifth competitors should draw and prep in the exact same fashion.

-- Seven to eight minutes later, the Sixth competitors should draw and prep in the exact same fashion.

-- Seven to eight minutes later, the Seventh competitors should draw and prep in the exact same fashion.

-- At the appointed Draw time for Second Round (and all rounds thereafter) the Proctor and competitors will repeat the process from above.

-- This process will need to be continued throughout all the rounds that may be needed for the tournament.




8:15AM — "On Site Check In" due from Coaches -- Tech Check period

8:45AM --- EX Draw begins

9:00AM — Schedule for Round 1; competitors and judges report to virtual rooms

9:15AM — Round 1 Start Time


10:15 --- EX Draw begins for Round 2

10:45AM — Schedule for Round 2; competitors and judges report to virtual rooms

11:00AM — Round 2

12:30PM — Lunch


1:15 --- EX Draw begins for Round 3

1:30PM — Schedule for Round 3

1:45PM — Round 3


3:00 ---  EX Draw begins for Round 4

3:15PM — Schedule for Round 4

3:45PM — Round 4


4:45 --- EX Draw begins for Round 5

5:00PM — Schedule for Round 5

5:15PM — Round 5 (as needed)



Round Hints for EX (sample):

Rd. I Domestic

Rd. II International

Rd. III Domestic

Rd. IV International

Rd. V Domestic (as needed)