Damus Hollywood Invitational

2021 — NSDA Campus, CA/US

Coach and Student Awards

The John Dimitri Character Award - Former ND policy debater John Dimitri, known to his debate friends as Jack, was a good friend to all he met in the policy debate community and demonstrated consistent resilience in the face of personal adversity. We continue his legacy by honoring one policy debater each year who demonstrates kindness and character to their peers in the community. Past recipients include Larry Deng from Head Royce, Sydney Young from Rowland Hall-St. Marks, and Tristan Bato from Damien, and Kate Tully from CK McClatchy. If you believe you have a senior policy debater that deserves this award, please email me a short, descriptive paragraph about that student to phillips@ndhs.org ASAP. The award winner will receive an iPad and will be able to designate a charity to give a donation to.

The Chuck Ballingall Coaching Award - ND honors longtime SoCal coach Chuck Ballingall by continuing his legacy of recognizing good coaches across the country. Past recipients include Dan Lingel from Jesuit Prep in Dallas, Tim Alderete from The Meadows School in Las Vegas, Mike Shackelford from Rowland Hall, and Debnil Sur from Lowell. If you believe that you have a head or assistant coach that displays consistent integrity, kindness, intelligence and a great sense of humor as well is service to the debate community in general, please email me (phillips@ndhs.org) a short, descriptive paragraph on why you believe they deserve the Chuck Ballingall Coaching Award ASAP. The award winner will receive an iPad.