UHSAA 5A State Tournament 2016

2016 — UT/US

5A State Congress Docket


Session 1


Resolution to Reduce Carbon Emissions through Establishing a National Renewable Portfolio Standard


Bill to Send Ground Troops to the Ukraine


Resolution to Amend the Constitution to Regulate Campaign Finance


Resolution to Schedule the Federal Election Day on a Saturday


Bill to Reduce US Crude Oil Restrictions




Session 2


Bill to Halt Civil Asset Forfeiture Abuse


Bill to Protect Military Assault Victims


Resolution on Solar Road Ways


Resolution to Ban Plastic Bags


Bill to Implement a National Sick Day Policy




Session 3


Bill for Companies to Establish a Minimum Wage for Out Sourced Employees


Resolution to Incentivize Chinese Action in North Korea


Bill to Require All Armed Patrolmen to Wear Cameras While On Duty


Bill to Ban Direct Consumer Advertising of Prescription Drug Medication


Resolution Amending Constitution to Repeal the 17th Amendment