Highland Mega Novice Ram Jam Slam

2021 — Highland High, UT/US

Breakout Room Link for Online Participants

If you are participating either as a judge or competitor, you will click on this link, join the room and tell me which Breakout Room you are to be going to.


Judges that are online--We will have a computer in the room with the competitors, have you brought up and them perform for you as if you were there. We will also try to have another judge who isn't judging in there with you to help make sure it all goes smoothly.

IN PERSON JUDGES WITH BREAKOUT ROOMS--Log in to the zoom and give breakout room while in with your live round. That way the online individual can join you there and be judged. For SPAR---Turn up the Volume and make sure that they can hear their competitor.


Debate--All competitors will get on the zoom if online, Those in person in the room that they are assigned to and debate that way.

Competitors---The Judge will will go into the zoom room while live in the room with the others and have you there with them online to present to them when it is your time.