Damus Hollywood Invitational

2021 — NSDA Campus, CA/US

Coach Deadline Checklist

While there is not an official deadline to enter the tournament, we operate on a “first come, first serve” basis and we will probably fill all space at the tournament.  As a result, each school should send in its entries as soon as possible.


Please pay careful attention to the below deadlines to avoid paying any penalties, being removed from the tournament, and/or to avoid losing preference privileges. 


SEPT. 15th (5pm PT):         Registration opens at



OCT. 15th (5pm PT):          Release prepared motions for WSDC division. 


          Hired Judging Deadline. Email Christina Phillips

                                               at Phillips@ndhs.org if you need hired judging.

                                               Hired judging will NOT guaranteed after this deadline.

Note hired judging fees are non-refundable.


OCT. 27th (5pm PT):            Drop Deadline. Fees are frozen after this deadline for

any entries on tabroom. Please make sure to drop any

unneeded entries before this deadline to avoid paying

unnecessary fees.


OCT. 29th (5pm PT):          Judge Online Entry Deadline - Schools must enter

                                                names of all their judges.


                                               Judge Philosophy Deadline - All Varsity Policy and LD

judges must have a judge philosophy posted on

Tabroom at this point for a school to have the

privilege of judge preferences for ALL of their varsity competitors.


Oct. 30th                      Fee Deadline. Please submit fees by this deadline.

See your invoice for directions on how to do that.


NOV. 2nd (5pm PT):          Competitor Online Entry Deadline - All correct

competitor names and drops must be entered online.


Submit School Authorization Forms and all competitor

Media Release Forms on Tabroom.


Confirm all competitors and judges have linked Tabroom accounts to prevent delays over the weekend. You can do this by reviewing your “Competitor” roster on your Tabroom account.  Please follow-up with any students that are not linked. Any students not linked on Friday evening at 5pm may be dropped from the tournament and fees will NOT be refunded.


NOV. 3rd (8am PT):             Mutual preferences available for varsity LD and

                                                policy on Tabroom. Preferences will close on

Friday, 11/5/21, at 5pm (PT).


NOV. 5th (3pm-6pm PT):    Complete ONLINE registration in Tabroom.com.

Any schools who do not complete this registration on Tabroom by the deadline may be dropped from the Round 1 Pairing automatically and fees will not be reimbursed.