Plano Senior Clark TFA Invitational

2021 — Plano, TX/US

Judge Info

If you are interested in judging our tournament, please fill out this FORM

Full weekend contracts will be offered as judges apply and entries are entered. Please fill out the form completely to be considered for a contract. Full weekend contracts will be $225.00. Judges may also opt for a contract that pays $30 a round. 

Hired (not volunteer) judges at our tournament MUST complete the PISD vendor paperwork and be approved.  Our HR and Safety and Security people are willing to work with us to help make this a fairly painless process, if you apply to judge as soon as possible. Upon applying to judge, we will share your contacts (name, phone number and email) with Allison Welch (  She will provide you with the proper paperwork to be completed.  Once you are approved as a vendor and are in our system, it is only a matter of renewing each year. You will also be approved for every Plano ISD tournament that is coming up for the rest of this year.  

We completely understand the pain that it is to complete these processes, but, it is a part of our school district's policy and state law. 

Balloting, for ALL events, will be electronic. Judges are expected to bring technology to be able to judge the rounds and submit ballots.