Atascocita High School TFA

2021 — Humble, TX/US

COVID-19 Protocols

COVID-19 Protocols:

Mask Policy- Per Humble ISD policy, masks will be optional. We encourage those who feel that it is in their best interest to wear a mask to do so. For no reason should a coach or judge require a competitor to remove their mask.

Arrival- Buses will drop off students in the rear of the school. Students will enter directly into the cafeteria. Buses will park in the rear parking lot.

Cafeteria Seating- Schools will seat themselves upon arrival at the direction of their head coach. Students are encouraged to socially distance and not encroach on other schools within the cafeteria throughout the tournament. There is limited outdoor seating available for those who would prefer that option.

Concessions- Concessions will be provided for students on the back side of the cafeteria. Students may also elect to purchase individually served food from any of our vendors. Vendors will be announced as they are confirmed:


Social Distancing- Throughout the tournament, competitors are encouraged to social distance themselves from other competitors. This includes, but is not limited to, before rounds, during rounds, and congregating in the cafeteria between rounds.

For the purposes of social distancing, tournament administration is okay with competitors sitting along “Main Street” (the long, main hallway) to prep in between rounds as opposed to sitting in the cafeteria. However, competitors should not be outside of the cafeteria or Main Street unless competing.

Cleaning Supplies- Each room will have cleaning supplies for students to use at their discretion.

Contact Tracing- It is the obligation of a participating school’s HEAD COACH to inform the tournament host if a participating coach, judge or student tests positive for COVID-19 within CDC recommended guidelines for exposure timeline. The tournament host will notify other coaches within the event(s) of any possible exposure via email.