Northview Clash of the Titans

2021 — NSDA Campus, GA/US


Judging Obligations


Out of respect for the hard work of the competitors, we ask that all of the judges that your team brings to the tournament are highly qualified. They should be ready to actively listen to the round and render a decision. All judges must complete an RFD after each round. Debate judges are highly encouraged to disclose their decision before leaving the round. Debate judges are required to have a paradigm in order to be counted towards a school’s obligation. If judges are new, we encourage them to complete the certification training found here.


Student judges are only allowed to cover and judge novice entries only. Please mark student judges in the notes. 


Judges should be available to judge for the entire tournament. If your judge has a time conflict for a round, please ensure that you have a judge to fill that block of time.


All debate judges are obligated to judge through the first elimination round in the event they are entered OR one round past any round in which their school’s students are actively completing, whichever is later. 


Speech judges are obligated for the entire tournament.


Judging Obligations are based on the number of entries. 


Policy, LD, and PF - 1 judge per 2 entries

Individual Events - 1 judge per 4 entries


A limited number of hired judges will be available. Hired Judging will close 9/9 at 6pm. Judges are hired per entry.


LD - $100 per entry

CX - $150 per entry

PF - $100 per entry

Speech - $50 per entry


Judges with paradigms are due by September 13th by 5pm.