East Kansas District Tournament

2020 — KS/US

East Kansas District Qualifier

for the 2021 National Tournament
Policy Debate
Fri 12/11 Sat 12/12 CX
ONW Debate Room Spaces
Fri 3/26 Sat 3/27 HSE SEN

IE/LD/PF General Information

Registration is open NOW for the big April qualifying weekend. Some overall tournament reminders:

  • Duo will be asynchronous all the way through the tournament.
  • Extemp, LD, and PF will be synchronous all the way through the tournament.
  • All events not listed above will hold asynchronous preliminary rounds during the week and synchronous elimination rounds on Saturday.
  • The more you can do to have solid numbers in advance, the more we can predict what our final schedule will end up looking like. I know it’s not ideal to wait until the close of registration on Monday to iron out details about Saturday’s schedule, but our district tends to be one where those numbers shift around quite a bit in the last 24 hours before the deadline.
  • Remember that our qualification numbers are changed for this year only. Any event with 4-9 entries will have 2 qualifiers, and any event with 10 or more entries will have 4 qualifiers.
  • By NSDA rules, since we opted to use double elimination for the policy qualifier, that will be the format for the LD and PF qualifiers as well. All teams 3-1 or better will advance to a double elimination bracket which will run up until the point that we have the required number of qualifiers.
  • Remember that this is the district tournament; only paid NSDA members with at least 25 points may be entered.




Monday 4/12

3pm – Registration closes to new entries


Tuesday 4/13

3pm – All video links due; async ballots distributed for all prelims (4 rounds, 2 judges per round)

  • Committee will NOT double check video links; that’s a coach responsibility. Judges who cannot view a link due to incorrect sharing/permission settings or a mistake in the link will be instructed to record a no show.


Thursday 4/15

8pm – Async ballots due from judges; replacement ballots assigned as needed


Friday 4/16

3:30 – LD/PF round 1 (all prelim debates have 1 judge)

4:45 – LD/PF round 2

6:00 – LD/PF round 3

7:15 – LD/PF round 4


Saturday 4/17

Extemp r1 – 8:00 [first draw 7:30] – Due to NSDA guidance about the questions they’ll be providing, we will limit extemp sections to no more than 5 speakers.

Extemp r2 – 9:30 [first draw 9:00]

Extemp r3 – 11:00 [first draw 10:30]

Extemp r4 – 12:30 [first draw 12:00]

PM Elim 1 – 2:30

PM Elim 2 – 4:00

PM Elim 3 – 5:30

Event-specific elimination rounds (Elim 1 will be finals, unless semifinals are needed - EXCEPT extemp, whose finals will be at 4 even if no semifinals are required)

DI: Elim 1 12:30 / Elim 2 4:00

DUO: All elims async

HI: Elim 1 2:30 / Elim 2 5:30

INFO: Elim 1 2:30 / Elim 2 4:00

IX: Semi 1 2:30 / Final 4:00

LD: Elims 1:30 / 3:00 / 5:30 [pending what happens in extemp]

OO: Elim 1 4:00 / Elim 2 5:30

POI: Elim 1 12:30 / Elim 2 5:30

USX: Semi 2:30 / Final 4:00


LD/PF – 1 judge per entry on Friday and on Saturday afternoon [Saturday judge may serve in both IE and Debate pools, but this is a minimum number]

IEs – 1 async judge per 3 entries + 1 Saturday judge per 3 entries [yes, this is total entries inclusive of hybrid and extemp, which should give us a small cushion]

Head coaches should not be in a school’s primary judge pool so that we can use you as emergency reserve when/if necessary


Please use the Shifts in registration to indicate when your judges are available. I’ll do my best to also transcribe availability from the Notes you input, but that’s a manual process and could be prone to error.



We will use NSDA Campus for live competition in hybrid events, extemp, and debates. We will use Zoom for extemp prep on Saturday.