Virginia District Tournament

2021 — VA/US

Virginia District Qualifier

for the 2021 National Tournament
Speech IE VA-NSDA Quals
NSDA Campus
Sat 3/13 Sat 3/13 DI DUO HI INF IX OO POI USX
Congress/Debate VA NSDA Quals
NSDA Campus
McLean, VA
Fri 4/16 Sat 4/17 BQ HSE LD CX PF SEN

Misc Information and rules



The debate portion of the District Qualifier will follow the guidelines that are in the Pilot District Tournament Operations Manual. The tournament guidelines can be found on pages 3 through 9 of the Pilot District Tournament Operations Manual. The Event guidelines can be found on pages 23-34 of the Unified High School Manual.

The Congressional Debate pilot qualification rules have now been implemented as the permanent set of rules governing district tournaments beginning in 2020-2021. Those rules can be found in the Unified Manual.


School Fees


There are two issues with fees for the tournament.  All NSDA charges must have been paid by April 15th with a check or a purchase order.  NSDA will advise what the outstanding balance of each school is on the 9th.  You must resolve any open items with them before the tournament.  Your district committee has no jurisdiction over NSDA balances.


The entry fees for the district tournament are on the registration site as well as listed here:


Individual Debate Entries (LD, BQ and Congress debate) $20.00

Team Debate Entries (PF, CX) $35.00


Double Entry Guidelines


Students are permitted to enter a total of two events in the Speech and Debate/Congress district tournaments.  There are some limitations to the allowance:

Students may enter almost any combination of two events they wish with the exclusions listed below:


Students may not enter two debate events (all debate events essentially run concurrently)

Students may enter both Congress debate and one regular debate event (For example house and PF debate).

Students may not enter two team events in debate

Students may not enter two draw events in speech

Students who enter a team event in speech may enter a debate event with the same partner