2021 UHSAA 5A State

2021 — NSDA Campus, UT/US

Congress Legislation

UHSAA 5A State Tournament Congress Legislation:

Session 1 — 

1 Bill to Protect Retail Investors in the American Stock Market

2 Resolution to Transition to Statehood

3 Bill to Provide Land Acknowledgement

4 Bill to End United States Involvement in Sanctuary/ Criminal Asylum

5 Amend the OSH Act of 1970

6 Educational Balance Act of 2020

7 Bill to Abolish Civil Asset Forfeiture

8 Resolution to Decriminalize Personal Drug Use

9  Amendment to Restore Democracy

10 Bill to Raise Taxes on Gasoline to Combat the Impacts of Climate Change 


Session 2 — 

1 Bill to Provide for a Free Trade Agreement with the United Kingdom

2 Resolution to Include Taiwan in the World Health Organization

3 Bill to Train Police in Addressing Mental Health Situations

4 Resolution to Encourage Integration of Individuals Formerly Convicted of Crimes into the Workforce

5 Bill to Allow the Federal Government to Assume State and Local Debt Obligations

6 Resolution to Rename Columbus Day Indigenous People’s Day

7 Ending Qualified Immunity Act

8 Bill to Establish a US Belt and Road Initiative

9 the Hush Money Act

10 Bill to Establish Term Limits for Supreme Court Justices


Finals — 

1 Bill to Facilitate Protected Status for Hong Kong Residents

2 Resolution to Abolish Affirmative Action

3 Bill to Abolish ICE

4 Resolution to Support an Independent Kurdistan

5 Bill to Implement Instant-Runoff Voting for Federal Elections

6 Global Climate Change Resilience Strategy Act

7 Bill to Remove Tax Exempt Status for Religious Institutions