SDIVSL State Quals C IEs

2021 — Online, CA/US


Separate registration pages are set up for Parli/PF Quals (Feb 19-20) and Lincoln-Douglas/Policy/Congress Quals (March 5-6)


This tournament is open only to SDIVSL member schools. All teams must be paid members of CHSSA (paid no later than Feb. 12, 2021. Schools that were members for 2019-20 had dues rolled over, but must submit the CHSSA form to be eligible).


Tab Location:


Video Submissions:


Judges' Room:


Qualifying Spots / Entry Limitations:  

Our league will qualify six (6) students in OO, DI, POI, OI; five (5) students/teams in IMP, OPP, HI, DUO and four (4) students in OA, EXPOS, IX, and NX. 


Students who cannot attend the CHSSA State Tournament on April 23-25 (online) are not eligible to compete at this tournament. Additionally, students who are not available to compete in all scheduled rounds of this tournament are not eligible to compete.


A school may have up to ten (10) entries in any of the events. Additional entries count against the ten (10) floating entries that each school is allotted for the three weekends. Floating entries can be entered, and will be waitlisted until the tournament director can review and approve. 


At this tournament, no student may enter more than two events in any one pattern. Students entered in either National or International Extemp may not enter another Pattern B event. 


Be sure not to exceed any individual or school entry limits: No student may enter more than four (4) events total throughout the three tournaments. 


Entry/Drop Deadlines: Entries for this tournament must be posted to no later than 4 PM on Friday, February 19. Entries will be final at that time. Please email any drops prior to the tournament to Bernadette Siscon at or call/text them in to 619-578-3555.


All competitor videos must be submitted by 5pm on Wednesday, Feb 24.


Fees:As per the SDIVSL Bylaws, all fees must be paid in full prior to competing in State Quals. For Parli/PF competitors, any past due fees, as well as Parli/PF fees, are due prior to the first round of this tournament. This year, all fees (including all weekends of Quals) will be due prior to the beginning of Parli/PF. 


Entry Deadline

Drop Deadline/Fees Final

Payment deadline

Parli/Public Forum (Quals A)


Tuesday, Feb 16, 5 pm

Wednesday, Feb 17, 5 pm

Friday, Feb 19, 5:00 pm

Individual Events (Quals C)

Friday, Feb 19, 4:00 pm

Video submissions: Wednesday, Feb 24, 5pm

Friday, Feb 19, 4:00 pm

Friday, Feb 19, 4:00 pm

LD/Policy. Congress (Quals B)

Friday, Feb 19, 4:00 pm

Friday, Feb 19, 4:00 pm

Friday, Feb 19, 4:00 pm


Judges: Please bring one judge for every 5 entries, based on the pattern in which you have the larger number of entries. You need that number of judges registered in both patterns, but you can use the same people in both patterns. After adding a judge, on the "Additional Details Needed" screen, in the pull down menu next to "also judges category", select the other available pattern.


This tournament will allow you to select which rounds a judge is not available. Because the tournament set up requires it, there are times associated with those slots. However, it is better to ask your judges to sign up for a block of rounds, rather than allow them to believe that the time on the entry site is the time they will be done. The times are estimates. 


IMPORTANT: We appreciate teams who arrange for their judges to remain for the entire tournament, regardless of the progress of their own students.

Tournament Details:

All competitors will compete in three preliminary rounds. Following the third round, a minimum of the top 14 competitors in each event will advance to semifinals, then the top 7 will advance to finals. (More may advance in cases of unbreakable ties, etc.) 


Sign-Off Meeting: After the awards ceremony following LD/Policy/Congress Quals (Saturday, March 6), all coaches must meet to sign off any students who have qualified for the State Tournament. All coaches need to (virtually) attend this meeting even if you don’t have a student that is qualified outright. Each year, students who haven’t qualified outright shift up into a qualifying position because of other students’ shifting out of the event, since a student may only enter one individual event at the State Tournament. If the coach is not at the meeting to confirm a student’s attendance at the State Tournament, the students may be bypassed and excluded from State qualification.


Note: If you sign a “No” on a student, that student MAY NOT later be added into that event if some problem arises with his or her participation in another event, such as Team Debate or Duo.  If a student does not qualify outright in any event you still may only sign yes in one event.


You must come to this meeting!