Space City District Tournament

2021 — TX/US

Space City District Qualifier

for the 2021 National Tournament
IE & Debate
Space City NSDA Congress
Sat 2/27 Sat 2/27 HSE SEN

District Tournament Information - Debate & Speech



Entries are due on Thursday, April 1st at 3:00 PM! The District Committee needs to have entry counts are that moment so that they can set up the number of rooms needed for the online tournament. Space City is a Level 3 qualifier, so we are guaranteed THREE QUALIFICATIONS in each even so long as there are more than 4 teams or entries competing.  In events with over ten entries, we are guaranteed FOUR QUALIFICATIONS. ALL ASYNCHRONOUS VIDEOS ARE ALSO DUE AT THIS TIME, THURSDAY APRIL 1st at 3 PM!


ALL NSDA NATIONAL OFFICE FEES MUST BE CLEARED PRIOR TO TUESDAY, APRIL 6th! This means any membership fees owed to NSDA by your school.  We are not allowed to let you compete without clearing those fees, so please arrange to get those paid (NSDA accepts credit card payments). This is a National Office rule. On Wednesday, April 7th, I will go through each school’s NSDA page to determine if they owe the NSDA office anything.  If your school is not in the clear, your entries will be dropped from the tournament.


Your entry fees/chapter fees/online entry fees are due in hand on Monday, April 12th. Not postmarked by, but delivered and in Victoria Beard’s hand by Monday, April 12th!  This is unusual, as we usually have a pay-to-play rule at NSDA where you must provide payment prior to the tournament.  As we are paying our judges by mail after the end of the tournament, we have a little leeway for payment just this year.  However, you must email me a copy of your purchase order for your entry fee check no later than FRIDAY, APRIL 1st at 3:00 PM (same time as your entry deadline) to or your entries will be dropped. Also, the $200 judge bond must be IN-HAND by MONDAY, APRIL 5th or your students will not be allowed to compete.  This can be a personal check that is mailed back to you or destroyed at the end of the tournament.


You must have a judge in the entered on Tab Room for the duration of the tournament by Friday, April 1st at 3 PM .  This means, if your students are eliminated on Friday, you should be prepared to judge at some point on Saturday.  All schools will submit a $200 judge bond.  If you fail to pick up your ballots, we cash your judge bondYou will be a speech judge if you only have speech entries, a debate judge if you only have debate entries, and in both pools, if you have entries in both. You can select the pool you prefer and we will try to use you in that pool as much as possible if you have entries in both pools. You must also fill out the paradigm sheet Google Form, which will be emailed out and posted on the tab room website. The link is HERE!


Each school will have THREE judge strikes due at 3 PM on Tuesday, April 6th.  That judge list will be published on Monday, April 5th.


Any student wishing to be considered for World Schools Debate MUST enter the district tournament in ONE event.  Again, this is an NSDA rule.  An application will be posted on Tab Room as well as mailed out on this email list early next week for students who wish to be considered for the World Schools Debate team.  We can send two teams of five students each.


World School Debate Selection Committee If you are NOT planning on having students apply for a Worlds spot and are interested in being one of the five district coaches who select our Worlds Team members, please email me.


Student of the Year Selection Committee If you are NOT planning on submitting a student for District Student of the Year, and are interested in being one of the five district coaches who select our Space City nominee, please email me.