Pine Richland National Invitational

2021 — Gibsonia, PA/US

Congress Rules & Info

Congress will follow NSDA Rules.


Congress Pairings

1. All of the competitors will be randomly divided into chambers, which will remain the same for both Preliminary sessions.  There will be a new seating chart for Session 2, comprised of the same sets of competitors as Session 1.

2. The new Presiding Officers for Session 2 will be elected at the end of Session 1.

3. There will be two Scorekeepers per room per session in addition to the Parli. 

4. Each scorekeeper will rank the competitors from 1 to 8.  All remaining competitors not in a the top 8 will receive a score of 9. 

5. Each Parli will rate all of the competitors from 1 through the total number of competitors in a room, with no ties.

6. Seeding will be comprised of the aggregate score of all scorekeepers plus the parli, weighted equally.  In the event of a tie, the score from the Parli will be the tiebreaker.