North Texas Longhorns District Tournament

2021 — TX/US

North Texas Longhorns District Qualifier

for the 2021 National Tournament
NSDA Campus
Thu 2/25 Sat 2/27 DI HI INF IX OO POI USX
NSDA Campus
Thu 3/4 Sat 3/6 DUO LD CX PF
NSDA Campus
Thu 4/8 Fri 4/9 HSE SEN

Individual Event and Debate Schedule

Schedule for the 2021 North Texas Longhorn District IE & Debate Tournament


Individual Event Schedule

(All events asynchronous, except for Extemporaneous Speaking)


Thursday, February 25


4:30pm            Round 1 (OO, INFO)

6:30pm            Round 2 (OO, INFO)

8:00pm            Round 3 (OO, INFO)


Friday, February 26


4:30pm            Round 1 (DI, HI, Duo, POI)

5:00pm            Round 1 (FX, DX)*

6:30pm            Round 2 (DI, HI, Duo, POI)

6:30pm           Round 2 (FX, DX)

8:00pm            Round 3 (FX, DX)

8:30pm            Round 3 (DI, HI, Duo, POI)


Saturday, February 27


9:00am            Elim 1 (OO, INFO)

10:30am          Elim 1 (DI, HI, Duo, POI)

10:30am          Elim 1 (FX, DX)

12:30pm         Elim 2 (OO, INFO)

2:00pm            Elim 2 (DI, HI, Duo, POI)

2:00pm            Elim 2 (FX, DX)


*Draw will begin 30 minutes prior to round start time

**Elimination round breaks will be determined by the number of entries in that individual speaking event. Some events may break straight to a final round in the Elim 1 time slot.


Debate Schedule


Thursday, March 4


4:00pm            Round 1  Policy Debate

4:00pm            Round 1  LD/PF Debate

6:00pm            Round 2  LD/PF Debate

6:30pm            Round 2  Policy Debate


Friday, March 5


4:00pm            Round 3  LD/PF Debate

4:00pm            Round 3  Policy Debate

6:00pm            Round 4 LD/PF Debate

6:30pm           Round 4  Policy Debate

8:15pm            Elim 1 LD/PF Debate


Saturday, March 6


9:00am            Elim 2  LD/PF Debate

11:00am          Elim 3  LD/PF Debate

1:00pm            Elim 4  LD/PF Debate

3:00pm            Elim 5  LD/PF Debate


*If elimination rounds are needed in Policy Debate, they will take place beginning on Saturday morning

**The number of elimination rounds will be dependent on the number of entries and the qualification level for the national tournament.