2021 — NSDA Campus, IL/US


Friday, January 15th

R1 - 04:30PM

R2 - 07:30PM


Saturday, January 16th

R3 - 09:00AM

R4 - 12:00PM

R5 - 03:30PM

Awards - 6:15PM

Quarters - 7:15PM


Sunday, January 17th

Semis - 09:00AM

Finals - 12:15PM



a) We will NOT accelerate the tournament schedule. Breaks are intentional. We encourage everyone to step away from their devices between rounds. We believe that a stable schedule facilitates this process.

b) Tabroom will accept changes until 3PM Friday. Coaches are responsible for communicating changes thereafter.

c) The tournament may issue forfeits in rounds that have not started 15 minutes after their posted start time.

d) Prelim decisions are expected no later than 2 hours after the posted start time of each round. (2hr 15 min for elims).