Southmoore HS Camp Smilodon

2015 — OK/US

Schedule (Tentative)

Smoores Camp Smilodon Tournament Schedule


Friday, Nov 13

Registration-2:30 pm to 3:30 p.m. in the Auditorium. Pairings and ballots for Round 1 will be released in the auditorium. Round 2-4 Ballots will be near the main/front office.

3:30-5:00                                    Round 1   Policy,  LD,  and PF

5:00-6:30                 Round 2  Policy,  LD,  and PF

6:30-8:00                 Round 3  Policy,  LD,  and PF

8:00-9:30                 Round 4  Policy,  LD,  and PF                            


Saturday, Nov 14

7:30 a.m.       Registration


8:00                 LD DEBATE OCTOS 5A/6A/NOV as needed

Poetry 5A/6A

                        Monologue 5A/6A/NOV

Dramatic Interp 5A/6A


9:00                 Extemp Draw in Media Center at the top of the central stairs


9:30                 DEX & FEX        5A/6A/NOV - Draw at 9am in Media Center

                        Prose 5A/6A/NOV

                        Humorous Interp 5A/6A

Standard Oratory 5A/6A


11:00               LD, CX, PF DEBATE QTRS 5A/6A/NOV as needed

                        Poetry Semis 6A  Finals 5A

Monologue Semis 6A

Humorous Duet 5A/6A 

Dramatic Duet 6A

Original Oratory    5A/6A


12:00               Extemp Draw in Media Center at the top of the central stairs


12:30               Prose Semis 6A

Standard Oratory Semis 6A

                        Dramatic Interp Semis 6A

                        DEX & FEX  Semis      5A/6A - Draw at 12:00 in Media Center


1:00                 Humorous Interp Finals 5A/6A

                        Dramatic Duet Finals 6A/5A & Duet Finals NOV

                        Original Oratory, Finals       5A/6A


1:30                 LD, CX, PF SEMIS 5A/6A/NOV


2:00                 Poetry Finals 5A/6A

                        Dramatic Interp, Finals      5A/6A & NOV Interp Finals

                        Standard Oratory, Finals     5A/6A

                        Extemp Draw in Media Center at the top of the central stairs


2:30                 DEX & FEX  Finals     5A/6A/NOV- Draw at 2:00 in Media Center


3:00                 Humorous Duet Finals 5A/6A

                        Prose Finals 5A/6A/NOV

                        Monologue Finals 5A/6A/NOV


3:30                 LD, CX, PF DEBATE FINALS 5A/6A/NOV

6:00 p.m.     Awards Assembly in the Auditorium