North Catholic Invitational

2020 — Hybrid/Pittsburgh, PA/US

Tech -- and everything you should know about it!



As soon as possible, please begin encouraging your tournament participants to use to check that they are able to access the platform. If they have trouble, it is likely that they need to work with their school’s IT department to have several sites whitelisted and a few ports opened.   PLEASE SEE THE TECH INFO DESCRIBED BELOW!!!


What do we need to do to ensure we can access NSDA Campus from school?


  • Direct all users to first test both the competition space and the practice space here by going to

  • Here are the websites you’ll want to make sure you’ve whitelisted:

    • *







  • Additionally, the following ports will need to be opened:

    • 80 TCP: HTTP

    • 443 TCP: HTTPS

    • 10000 UDP: Web-RTC

  • Your IT people may ask which domains/IP addresses to use for the above ports. Because the video servers are dynamically scaled and do not have fixed hostnames or IP’s, at least the UDP port will need to be open to all IP addresses. If they require a range, they can use Amazon’s IP list and filter by the AWS regions for us-east-1, us-east-2, us-west-1, and us-west-2:


    • It is possible that Campus may eventually use other UDP ports between 10000 – 20000, so if you want to be proactive, ask your IT department to open a wider range than just 10000.


Instructions for NSDA Campus on a phone

1. Download the following apps:
 - Google Chrome (browser)
- Jitsi Meet
2. Once both apps are downloaded, go to on Google Chrome, sign into Tabroom as you would normally, then click on the camera icon for the round.
3. The link should direct you to the Jitsi App. If the room doesn't open, you may have to click the camera link a second or third time for it to open in Jitsi.