Bolivar High School Novice Invitational

2020 — NSDA Campus, MO/US

Extemp Questions

IX Prelims

  1.  What impact will the US re-entering the Paris Climate Accords have on the global community?

  2.  Is the UN doing enough to coordinate global action on COVID-19?

  3. What effect does the pandemic have on refugee efforts?

  4. Why do African nations have such low Covid infection rates?

  5. Should Trudeau make true on his promises of gun control reforms?

  6. How should the world deal with the rising issue of human sex trafficking?

  7. What steps should the international community take in response to Ethiopia’s blocking of aid from the Tigray?

  8. What further steps can Australia take to prevent escalating wildfires?

  9. What reasonable measures can South American nations take to prevent illegal fishing in exclusive economic zones?

  10. With time being short, should the UN start taking radical action to prevent global warming?

  11. Does the recent Waorani-won court case show a shift in favor of preserving the Amazon?

  12. Has Croatian president Milanovic done a good enough job with his first year in office?

IX Elimination

  1. Does the death of Abu Mohammaed al-Masri signal the beginning of al-Qaeda’s fall?

  2. Will the ceasefire between Azerbaijan and Armenia lead to long term peace?

  3. What steps can Zambia take to prevent sliding into economic ruin?

  4. Are “proxy presidencies” a problem in Latin America?

  5. Should other organizations adopt the International Olympic Committee’s examination of their global footprint?

  6. What steps should European Nations take to eliminate recent resurgences in neo-nazi sentiment?

  7. What measures can be taken by the international community in light of recent news of China’s deception of early COVID case numbers and data?

  8. Is there hope for a peaceful resolution to the conflicts surrounding the Kashmir region?

  9. How will life change for Britons and Europeans with the most recent Brexit negotiations?

  10. What will be the greatest challenges facing the post-COVID Global Economy?

  11. What roles can NATO fill to remain relevant in the 21st century?

  12. What steps can be taken to ensure international accountability of multinational corporations?



DX Prelim

  1. Will Joe Biden be able to reunify our nation after the heated 2020 election?

  2. Should the NSA end its surveillance of U.S. citizens and lawful permanent residents?

  3. Should the United States abandon the electoral college? 

  4. Should marijuana be federally legalized? 

  5. With the covid situation worsening, should face masks be federally mandated in the US?

  6. What role do the states play in preventing COVID-19 infections? 

  7. Should virtual learning become a component of American schools post COVID-19?

  8. During a pandemic, does the United States have a moral obligation to take in refugees?

  9. With the introduction of Amy Barrett into the supreme court, should steps be taken to counterbalance the republican supermajority?

  10.  What large changes should we expect during Biden's presidency? 

  11. How should the US respond to Trump’s allegations about the election being rigged? 

  12. What would the Green New Deal entail for the US?

DX Elim

  1. What impact have the Black Lives Matter protests had on police reform?

  2. What are the lasting impacts of Trump's refusal to accept the outcome of the election? 

  3. Should the US reconsider lifetime appointments to the supreme court? 

  4. How will we combat the notion of fake news in the US to reinvigorate the free press?

  5. Should there be federally mandated police reform? 

  6. What protections should the US army provide to prevent sexual assault? 

  7. What are steps that can be taken to prevent future government shutdowns? 

  8. Who is the most impactful pick to President-Elect Biden’s Staff?

  9. How should the United States federal government reform the criminal justice system? 

  10. Has affirmative action had an overall positive or negative impact in the US?

  11. What does the balance of political power between the two parties look like after the 2020 election?

  12. Should the United States abolish the two-party system?