Grain Valley New Year Novice Kickoff

2021 — NSDA Campus, US

Tournament Schedule



Asynchronous IE schedule

Monday, January 4 - Round 1

Tuesday, January 5 - Round 2

Wednesday, January 6 -Semi finals

Thursday, January 7 -Finals

(Approximate schedule- will run as quickly as we can with judges available)


Live (Synchronous) Debate Schedule:

Friday, January 8th

2:45PM: Registration

4:00PM: Round 1 of Debate

6:30PM: Round 2 of Debate

Saturday, January 9th

8:30AM: Round 3 of Debate

11:00AM: Round 4 of Debate

2:00PM: Quarterfinals of Debate

4:00PM: Semifinals of Debate

6:00PM: Finals of Debate


(If we can push elimination rounds earlier, we will)