Strake Jesuit Public Forum Round Robin

2020 — Online, TX/US

PFRR Information

We are excited to host our 4th annual PF Round Robin. To reinforce our history of excellent competition, we have decided to implement unique standards for our tournament that will enhance the quality of the PFRR experience for our competitors, judges, and coaches.

1. All rounds are subject to include judging from either our TDC partners or our PF judging pool to ensure that every round is adjudicated by individuals with a strong debate background.

2. Grand Crossfire will be eliminated to ensure that no round loses focus of the most important issues in the debates.

3. Each team will be pre-assigned to a side before prelim rounds to allow the opportunity for our competitors to experience every angle of the topic.

4. Traditional speaking orders – affirmative speaking first and negative speaking second – will be upheld to encourage competitors to showcase strategic and technical talent.

5. Elimination rounds will be side locked only for teams debating each other for the second time to guide argumentation from both sides of the resolution.

6. Students have the option of using our Mutual Judge Preference feature on Tabroom if they have preferences on judges in our pool (“Prefs” tab).

7. We will be using the new NSDA rules for summary times: 3 minutes.

8. We will use the January 2021 NSDA PF topic

9. Given the COVID-19 pandemic, we will host our tournament online (details on online tabulation will be posted separately)