GGSA Parli2 Congress2 LD2

2020 — Online, CA/US

Tentative Parli Schedule


8a Judges report to Parli Judge Room, debaters to Prep Room

830a Round 1a Prep Novice/JV

9a Debate Round 1a Novice/JV

 (Novices and judges not receiving ballots should use this time to check their equipment!)


930a Round 1b Prep Varsity

10a Debate Round 1b Varsity


1030a Round 2a Prep Novice/JV

1100a Debate Round 2a Novice/JV


1120a Round 2b Prep Varsity

1150a  Debate Round 2b Varsity




1250p Round 3a Prep Novice/JV

120p Debate Round 3a Novice/JV


140p Round 3b Prep Varsity

210p  Debate Round 3b Varsity





  1. "Prep" time is when debaters should be in the prep room. Topic announce is 20 minutes before round start time. 

  2. JV and Varsity debaters may prep with partner only. Novice debaters may prep with other novice, JV, and Varsity debaters. DEBATERS MUST BE IN THE PREP ROOM DURING THEIR PREP TIME, BUT MAY COMMUNICATE WITH THEIR PARTNER VIA ANY OTHER MEANS.

  3. Schedule may be revised in light of final registration.

  4. Note: Each team will have 10 minutes of Tech Time per round, to resolve any technical issues. If a team exhausts its tech time and is not able to resolve its tech issues, the team will receive a forfeit for the round. Please watch Technology and Best Practices before the tournament!