William Tennent Invitational

2020 — Tennent Online, PA/US

Tennent Online Platform

For this tournament, we will be using a free, open source project called Jitsi for connecting everyone face to face. If anything about the interface seems familiar to you, it may be because it is the same system being used by the NSDA's Campus platform.
Please check your connectivity ahead of time by going to https://www.tennentinvitational.cloud/ and clicking on the Test Site for WTI link.
If you are participating via an Android or iOS device, there is a Jitsi app available in the respective app stores. 

Download the Jitsi App      Download the Jitsi App

Each round, you will receive an email and text blast with your room assignments and a link to the room. If you do not have blasts set to go to your email or text, please monitor the schematics as they are posted on tabroom.com.

Introduction to Jitsi

This will be the first thing you will see upon entering your room. You must allow access to your camera and microphone to enter the room.
Next, you will see a window with your webcam feed and a place to enter your name. Enter your Competitor code and your first and last name. Judges, enter "Judge" and your full name.
Upon entry, you will see the usual complement of options that many of you are already familiar with in video conferencing environments. 
You can raise or lower your hand to indicate you wish to speak. This is particularly important for World Schools Debate.
It is good practice to mute yourself when other people are speaking in the room.
There is a chat window in the room.
You can toggle your view depending on the event you are in.
If you find yourself having issues with your audio or video breaking up, you may wish to reduce your video quality. This will reduce the bandwidth used.