Seattle Academy Invitational

2020 — Online, WA/US

Out of State Legislation

Because Washington State uses a pre-prepared legislative docket prepared by the Washington State Forensics Association, any out-of-state schools may submit one piece of legislation to the tournament director for inclusion at the tournament. The legislation must be received by 8:00 AM October 30th to be allowed in the preliminary round tournament docket. This deadline ensures that all schools will have adequate time to prepare for debating the legislation. Any contestant may sponsor such an item in the event an author is not present in the chamber.

Out of state student congress legislation will be posted here as it is received and processed. It will be referred to in round with the code next to the legislative item. These items are permitted for use in preliminaries only.


Link to entire folder: Link

OS1- A Bill to Ban Unpaid Internships

OS2- The Abortion Deregulation Act of 2020

OS3- A Bill to implement a Universal Basic Income