Central Minnesota District Tournament

2020 — MN/US

Central Minnesota District Qualifier

for the 2021 National Tournament
Fri 12/11 Sat 12/12 HSE LD CX PF SEN
Online, MN
Thu 3/11 Sat 3/13 DI DUO HI INF IX OO POI USX
Big Questions
Wed 2/10 Thu 2/11 BQ

LD/PF 2020 Information


2020 Central MN NSDA District LD/PF Debate Tournament
  December 11-12, 2020 - ONLINE  

All Central Minnesota NSDA Schools are invited to participate in the Central Minnesota NSDA District Debate Tournament to be held December 11-12, 2020 ONLINE. The top three entries in Lincoln-Douglas and Public Forum Debate will qualify to compete at the NSDA National Tournament next June, whether it be in Des Moines, Iowa or online.

The NSDA has many important procedures in registering for the tournament that can seem daunting, especially for schools participating for the first time.  Please make sure to thoroughly review the instructions on this site so that you are following each procedure.  If at any time you have questions or need assistance in the registration process, do not hesitate to contact Zach Prax at zachary.prax@district196.org.

The phone number for tournament headquarters is 952-201-0201.  The District Committees will be in person (as much as possible) to help facilitate the tournament as we normally do it; we'll have arranged Zoom sessions set up so that coaches can do strikes and take care of other tournament processes from school or home.

Before the tournament:

1.       Register on tabroom.com by Friday, December 4th at the latest. No new entries will be allowed after this date, but you will be allowed to make changes to your registration.  NOTE:  You will only be allowed to register if you have paid your national dues and your chapter is in good standing.

2.       Be sure that you have paid all outstanding bills for new members. If you have not paid, you will need to pay these fees at tournament registration (this is true of all new members even if they are not competing). In addition, all students competing at the district qualifier must be registered with the NSDA...this is done by completing the registration process (which includes submitting an email address and accepting the NSDA Honor Code) on the NSDA website.  Tabroom.com will not allow non-members to be registered.

To Mail (Normally Collected at Registration):
1.      A check to cover entry fees and local dues. There is a $25 entry fee for each entry (each public forum team counts as one entry). There is a $75 fee for each hired judge. If you have 4 entries in a single event, you must pay for one hired judge (so, two hired judges if you are bringing 4 LD debaters and 4 PF teams). There is also a $50 fee for local dues (which covers congress, debate, and speech for the year...this may have already been paid by your school at the Congressional Debate qualifier). THE CHECK FOR ALL ENTRY/JUDGE FEES AND LOCAL DUES SHOULD BE PAYABLE TO

  Minnesota Debate Teachers Association
       c/o Zach Prax
      6200 140th Street W
      Apple Valley, MN 55124
2.       A separate check for any outstanding NSDA membership fees (if applicable).  I will email you any amount due to the NFL office one week prior to the tournament date. THE CHECK FOR ALL OUTSTANDING NSDA FEES SHOULD BE PAYABLE TO 

                                                                                                  National Speech and Debate Association
                                                                                                                   401 Railroad Place
                                                                                                        West Des Moines, IA 50265
3.  IF APPLICABLE, any student that previously competed at a previous district tournament/the district congress MUST fill out their intent in case of double qualification.  This is done on tabroom.com; no paper copies need to be turned in.  This must be done even if the student did not qualify in a previous event, and must be completed prior to registration on Saturday morning.
****A plan will be worked out for the distribution of traveling trophies and awards.  Stay tuned for more information on this.

2020 Site Information:

The Central Minnesota Debate District Tournament Series will be held virtually using NSDA Campus.  It is critical that all debaters and judges have linked accounts at tabroom.com.

November/December LD Topic - Resolved: The United States ought to provide a federal jobs guarantee.

November/December PF Topic - Resolved: The United States should adopt a declaratory nuclear policy of no first use.

Qualification to Nationals:
During the 2019-2020 school year, the Central Minnesota NSDA District met criteria to maintain its Level Three Qualifier Status.  This means is that we are guaranteed three entries to attend the NSDA National Tournament  this year in each speech and debate event (except Congress, Big Questions, and World Schools Debates, which have separate procedures).  This bonus is conditional on a requirement that we meet the original criteria for qualifying two contestants in each event we want to have the bonus in.  THANK YOU TO ALL SCHOOLS that helped us achieve this goal by consistently entering NSDA points for your students - please keep up this great work!

Please email zachary.prax@district196.org with any questions or if you need assistance registering for the tournament.  


Zach Prax
District Chair, Central Minnesota NSDA

Judge Coverage Rules for Lincoln-Douglas Debate:

  1. Head Coach (covers 1st & 2nd entry)
  2. Assistant Coach or Hired by tournament (covers 3rd entry)
  3. Hired by tournament (covers 4th entry)
Judges must be in at least their third year out of high school to cover your obligation. Judges who are not yet in their 3rd year out may be used as supplemental judges, but they are a free strike for any school and do not cover your obligation. 
Judge Coverage Rules for Public Forum Debate:
  1. Head Coach (covers 1st & 2nd entry)
  2. Assistant Coach, Experienced Judge or Hired by tournament (covers 3rd entry)
  3. Hired by tournament (covers 4th entry)
In PF debate, your second judge does not have to be on your coaching staff. However, any judge that you bring to cover your obligation should be experienced and qualified. Although PF debate caters to the “citizen judge”, we want to ensure that our district tournament is adjudicated by the best judges we can find. We also want to be sure that these judges understand the spirit of public forum debate.    
Judges must be in at least their third year out of high school to cover your obligation. Judges who are not yet in their 3rd year out may be used, but they are a free strike for any school and do not cover your obligation. 
Note that these are requirements PER EVENT.  For instance, if you have one LD entry and three PF entries, you are obligated one LD judge and two PF judges.  The same judge may not be used to fulfill obligations in multiple events.
***In each debate format, your judge is obligated one round past the elimination of your last entry.
SCHEDULE - Friday, December 11
Registration    3:30 PM (online check-in DUE)
Round 1          4:00 PM (LD Debate)
Round 1          4:15 PM (PF Debate)
Round 2          5:30 PM
Round 3          7:30 PM
SCHEDULE - Saturday, December 12 (note: coaches must be available prior to round start times to strike judges from panels)
Pairing             8:30 AM
Round 4          9:30 AM
Round 5          11:30 AM
Round 6          (as needed…)
Round 7          (as needed…)
All rounds on Friday will be judged by a single judge.  All rounds on Saturday will be assigned a panel of five judges in the judge scheduling procedure, and each school will have the opportunity to strike one judge so that each round is ultimately judged by a panel of three judges.

The rules found on this page are not exhaustive. All students and coaches should consult the NSDA Competition Events Guide to ensure they are meeting NSDA requirements. This page merely highlights important guidelines. If you need clarification on any rule, please contact Zach Prax at zachary.prax@district196.org PRIOR to the first day of competition.

Some applicable rules: 

1. Eligibility. To participate in the NSDA District Speech/Debate Tournament Series and/or the District Student Congress, a person must (1) be a member of the NSDA at a school in good standing (coaches must verify that all of their entries were members of NSDA seven days prior to the tournament), (2) have not attended a secondary school more than 9 semesters, and (3) meet the age and eligibility requirements of his/her State Activities Association.

2. Formula for Determining the Number of Entries from the Members and Degrees (Chapter Strength) on Record (note - these entries are exclusive of additional entries allowed in Congressional Debate; there is a separate formula for that entry total).
1 - 15 members and degrees 4 entry
16 - 20 members and degrees 6 entries
21 - 30 members and degrees 10 entries
31 - 40 members and degrees 12 entries
41 - 50 members and degrees 15 entries
51 - 60 members and degrees 16 entries
61 - 70 members and degrees 18 entries
71 - 80 members and degrees 21 entries
81 - 90 members and degrees 23 entries
91 - 100 members and degrees 24 entries
101-120 members and degrees 27 entries
121-140 members and degrees 29 entries
141-160 members and degrees 32 entries
161-180 members and degrees 33 entries
181-200 members and degrees 34 entries
201-230 members and degrees 35 entries
231-260 members and degrees 37 entries
261-300 members and degrees 38 entries
301-350 members and degrees 39 entries
351-400 members and degrees 40 entries
401-500 members and degrees 42 entries
501-600 members and degrees 43 entries
601+ members and degrees 44 entries
3. Double-entry: The NSDA does not allow double-entry in debate events. Each competitor may choose only one debate event. Competition in debate does not affect the ability of a competitor to register in a single speech event and/or congress. 
4. Central MN NSDA Judge Strike Policy.  In rounds one through three (in which single judges are used), each entry will be able to strike three judges from the main list and an unlimited number from the supplemental list. From round 4 on, each entry will be able to strike one judge from the main list and an unlimited number from the supplemental list. Additionally from round four on, each entry may strike one judge from a panel of five potential judges (leaving a panel of three judges). The head coach or a designated representative will be allowed to make the strike. If no representative of a school is present, the option to strike is forfeited. The district committee reserves the right to limit the number of strikes permitted if this strike policy makes the placement of judges impossible. 
5. Central NSDA Tab Room Policy.  The Central Minnesota NSDA Tournament Headquarters is open to all head and assistant coaches.  Coaches may be present to observe the pairing of rounds, the assignment of judges, and the tabulation of results.  If a coach is in the tournament headquarters once a pairing of a round has begun, that coach must remain in the room until that pairing is released by the tab room to the entire tournament, and MUST NOT COMMUNICATE INFORMATION TO TEAMS OR OTHER COACHES (pairings, judges assignments, etc.) until the district committee has specifically given the "go-ahead" to do so.
6. NSDA Rules of Evidence.  In all rounds of LD and Public Forum Debate, debaters should, at a minimum, orally deliver title of the source and the author’s name. In all rounds of debate, complete citations for each piece of evidence introduced in the round must be available in the round. Written citations must include name of the author, qualifications, complete title of source (E.G. title of book, not chapter; title of journal, not article), and complete date. Online sources must also include the title of the site, database, or access point, the date accessed, and the web address. The additional citation required for online sources must appear on all evidence, but is not required to be read. Should two or more quotations be used from the same source, the author and title need be given orally only for the first piece of evidence from that source. In the subsequent oral citation, only the author’s name is required.  

7.  Computer Use.  The Central MN District Committee has ruled that laptops will be permitted in all district debate competition.  In addition, the Committee has opted to utilize the new Internet Pilot rules for ALL forms of debate and extemporaneous speaking for the 2019-2020 school year.  PLEASE REVIEW THE PILOT INTERNET RULES THAT HAVE BEEN POSTED ON TABROOM.COM PRIOR TO THE START OF EACH TOURNAMENT. Per the NSDA, use of computers subjects all entries to the following conditions.

A. Availability of Evidence: Contestants electing to use computers shall have the responsibility to promptly provide a copy of any evidence read in a speech for inspection by the judge or opponent. Printers may be used. Evidence may be printed in the round or produced electronically, but must be provided in a format readable by the opposing team and the judge.
B. Contestants electing to use computers are responsible for providing their own computers, batteries, extension cords and all other necessary accessories. Tournament hosts shall not be responsible for providing computers, printers, software, paper, or extension cords for contestants.
C. Because public speaking decorum remains an important element of debate, all debaters are expected to stand at the front of the room facing the judge while speaking.
D. Contestants choosing to use laptop computers and related equipment accept the risk of equipment failure. No special consideration or accommodations, including no additional prep time or speech time, will be given by judges or contest directors should equipment failure occur.