Barkley Forum for High Schools

2021 —, GA/US

Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is the best way to contact the Barkley Forum if I have questions or need to make changes?


  • To whom should checks for payment be made payable?  

Attn: Barkley Forum for High Schools 

The Smith Legal Group, LLC 

The Academy, Suite 214 

6886 Main Street 

Lithonia, GA 30058

    • Please mail checks as early as possible to account for mail delays.


  • The website is telling me the application for one of my students is incomplete.  What do I do?

    • You need to enter the competitive records/qualifiers for all your students so we can consider them for admission.

    • Member schools do not need to enter records if they are entering prior to the December 7 deadline, but after 12/7, Member Schools need to enter records for their students to be considered, as well.  


  • How can I tell if my students are admitted or on the waitlist?

    • After the December 11, 2020 admittance date, when you look at your squad on, the students who have “In” under “status” next to their names are ADMITTED.  Students who have “WL” under “status” next to their names are WAITLISTED.


  • How will I know if students are removed from the waitlist and entered in the tournament?

    • When students are removed from the waitlist, an email is automatically sent to the email address on record with  


  • The registration deadline has passed, and I just found out about your tournament.  What do I do?

    • Email the Tournament Administrator at and indicate which events you have students interested in entering.  Any schools (Member schools or non-member schools) must enter records for each student applying for the tournament if it is after the December 7 application deadline.


  • How do I hire a judge?

    • If you are not able to provide a judge in an event, please request the number of rounds/judges you need to hire on by January 15, 2021.  It will automatically charge you for a judge hire, and the Barkley Forum staff will make sure a tournament judge covers your obligation.


  • Where do I find schedules?

    • All events have a separate schedule under the “schedules” tab on

  • On the schedule, I see “tutorials” and “exhibitions” listed on Saturday and Sunday.  What are those?

    • When the Barkley Forum for High Schools began, the state of Georgia did not allow competition on Sundays.  In the spirit of the educational aims of the tournament, the “rounds” were renamed “tutorials” and “exhibitions.”  No competition there; just education!  Tutorials are any outrounds up until the final round, and the exhibitions are the final rounds in all events.  You will notice that many of those rounds have been named for influential and impactful forensics educators.  


  • I would like to be hired as a judge for the tournament.  How do I do that?

    • Fill out the form available here. All judges hired by the tournament will need to complete a background check.