Seattle Academy Invitational

2020 — Online, WA/US

Checklist for Debate Coaches

This information is taken from the tournament invitation, and there is more exhaustive information there. Please consult this checklist and the invitation periodically to make sure you have completed all steps and to see if there have been any updates.


  • Make sure your students are signed up by the deadline. Debate entries are due 11/4 at 9:00 PM.

  • Make sure your students have linked accounts on Tabroom. They will be otherwise unable to compete.

  • Judges must also have linked accounts. If they do not, they will be unable to access their ballots.

  • Make sure your LD and Policy judges have paradigms listed on the Tabroom site.

  • Please enter any schedule conflicts in Tabroom for your judges. This is important to do so we know your judging commitments are fulfilled. The scheduling is done in shifts, and each judging entry must have all shifts covered.

  • Remember, a judge is are able to cover both speech and debate, but cannot cover multiple forms of debate.
  • If your entries have insufficient judges, your entries may be dropped without a refund. Please provide judges that are able to judge the events they are covering and the levels of competition in which your students are engaged.

  • We will have Ordinal Preference Judging in Open Lincoln Douglas. This means that you will rank your judges first through last. You are allowed a single strike; for everyone else, please pref accordingly. If you do not have your judging commitment fulfilled and paradigms for all of your LD and Policy judges, you will not be permitted to enter prefs. If you are comfortable doing so, there are settings to permit each individual student to enter their prefs so you do not have to do so yourself. Prefs in LD open 11/4 at 9:00 PM. They close on 11/6 at 4:00 AM. Be aware, there may be circumstances in which we need to pull from the Policy and PF pools to fill push ballots, and there will be times where a ballot assignment might not be what you want. Know that we try our best to make the best matches possible.

  • Fill out this form to let us know how you plan to pay, whether you have done so already or not. Please complete this before the tournament begins using this form.