Nano Nagle Classic Formerly Voices

2020 —, CA/US

Tournament Resources/FAQ

Digital Bus Check-In

The person in charge of a school’s entry should set a designated time prior to the first pairings release of the day so they can confirm that all judges and participants are at their computer and ready to participate in each given round—analogous to “meeting on the bus” prior to departure for a physical tournament. Please fill out this form on each day of the competition.




Classrooms.Cloud Platform Resources

Use this link to access the manual for information on everything from technology basics and troubleshooting to logistics of competition. 

Master Schedules

Use this link below to see the schedules for the Nano Nagle Classic. Be sure to stay on top of emails for important updates. 

LD/Public Forum

Congressional Debate


Judge Event Training

Use this link to find out how to sign up for Tabroom and find out the logistics of judging specific events!

Online Competition Best Practices/Tips (Produced by the NSDA)

Use this link to find useful strategies for competing in the digital era.

Help-line Contacts

Use these emails to direct your questions to the appropriate help desk.