2020 — NSDA Campus, NV/US

Notes on Novice Debate and Changes for the Second Tournament

Novice Congress: Novice Congress participants will choose one piece of legislation from the docket and record both a Pro and Con speech, no longer than the 3 minute maximum for all Congressional Debate.


Novice Lincoln Douglas: Novice Lincoln Douglas debaters may deliver both an Affirmative and Negative Constructive of approximately 4-6 minutes on the Novice LD topic OR an Affirmative Constructive and a Negative Rebuttal of their Affirmative, both 4-6 minutes in length. Novice resources that may be used in constructing the case can be found here.


Novice Policy: Novice Policy teams will choose an Affirmative from the Novice Policy Packet. One team member may deliver a 4-6 minute Affirmative Constructive and the other team member will deliver a 4-6 minute Negative Constructive (we suggest arguing against the same Affirmative for the most educational benefit for the team) OR one team member will deliver the Affirmative Constructive and the other team member will rebut, both 4-6 minutes in length.


Novice Public Forum: Novice Public Forum teams may deliver a Pro and Con Constructive on the current PF topic OR a Pro Constructive and a Con Rebuttal of that Pro. One team member will deliver each speech. Neither speech should exceed the 4 minute maximum for all PF debates.