2020 — NSDA Campus, NV/US

Schedule for Synchronous JV/Varsity Debate

JV and Varsity Debate will take place on the NSDA Campus platform on Saturday, 10/17.


Judges should be available at their computer or device on Saturday to receive rounds and enter them quickly.



Congress Committee-JV House: 9:00-9:15

Congress Committee-Senate: 9:15-9:30

Congress 1: 9:45-11:45am

Congress 2: 12:15-2:15pm

Congress 3: 2:30-4:30pm


LD, PF, and Policy Debate:

One: 9-10:30am

Two:  11-12:30pm

Three:  1-2:30pm

Breaks: Per event


All rounds will run sooner if they can. Competitors and judges should go to their rounds the minute they receive a blast.