Ad Astra October Opener

2020 — Online, KS/US

Ad Astra Evidence Packet - Post Washburn

The “Novice Caselist” division will be limited to the five case areas chosen by Kansas coaches (Abolish the Death Penalty, Decriminalize Marihuana, Defund the Police, end Mandatory Minimums, Juvenile Sentencing Reform), and the Negative Evidence Packet created  by Kansas coaches (T – Policing, T – Enact = Congress, Movements DA, Elections DA, Federalism DA, States CP, Abolition K).
This includes the NDCA Aff case evidence, to which we have added Aff files to match the case areas added by Kansas coaches.  Only caveat to the Aff files I added is that you are limited to advantage areas discussed in the neg files Tim Ellis created. 
Here's a link to a clean evidence set I made today with the latest negative updates from Tim for Washburn Rural