Middle School State Championships

2018 — Pleasant Hill, CA/US


Congress Bills Have Been Uploaded! 

Please Double-Check Your Entries! 


Diablo Valley College & Golden State Academy present:

The 2018 California Middle School Speech and Debate State Tournament May 4,5,6.

     Greetings to all middle school speech and debate clubs and schools!

Diablo Valley College and Golden State Academy are proud to announce the

2018 California Middle School Speech and Debate State Tournament. This

tournament is meant to encourage a healthy competition at the state level

and provide an opportunity to sharpen competitive speeches before the national tournament.  

The tournament will be held on Friday May 4th (Round 1 Starting at 3pm), Saturday, May 5th, Sunday, May 6th 2018 on the beautiful Diablo Valley College campus! We’re looking forward to hosting you.


Victor Rivas                                  Robert Hawkins

Director of Forensics                         Director of Forensics

Golden State Academy                          Diablo Valley College


Food options are available in the cafeteria area on campus.


Entries: Entries are due on 5/1/17 at 5:00 p.m.  You may access the invitation and entry system at




or go to http://www.tabroom.com and search “middle school state”


All of the typical NSDA events will be offered and the tournament

will run using NSDA rules.


CONTACT: Robert Hawkins: RobertHawkins1@gmail.com

Questions, comments, concerns, complaints?  Feel free to send an e-mail: Robert Hawkins: RobertHawkins1@gmail.com


Fees will be assessed on Tuesday May 1st at 5:00 p.m. Any changes after this date will be subject to the following penalties. Please enter all judges through the forensicstournament.net registration website. Please make all checks out to: GCC Speech & Debate

$50 school fee

$10 per IE/Congress slot ($20 per Duo team)

$40 per Lincoln Douglas/Public Forum/Policy slot

$15 judging fee per uncovered IE/Congress slot (One judge covers 6 IE/congress slots)

$100 per uncovered debate slot (One judge covers 2 LD/PD/PFD slots)

$20 per change after Wednesday April 24th at 5:00 p.m.

$50 dropped judge fee after May 2nd at 12:00 p.m.


*To ensure that the tournament starts on time and runs smoothly, we are instituting a $25 nuisance fee for any/all judges who do not check in at the judge’s table 15 minutes before the first round.  


Please let your judges know the times for the first round for all three days, as we will definitely be instituting this fine. Please note that many teams who switch judges at the last minute fail to notify the new judge of this fine.



The Campus will have complimentary wifi.  Password will be sent out as tournament approaches.


The cafeteria on campus will be open Friday and Saturday, and Sunday students!


Local Rates: Concord Hilton - $101; Best Western Heritage Inn - $84; Concord Marriott - $87



Please park in Lot 7.  Parking is 3 dollars on Friday & Free Saturday & Sunday.



Pattern A: (may enter no more than two from the following)

Prose, Humorous Interpretation, Original Oratory, Duo Interpretation



   Round 1 - Abstract nouns

   Round 2 - Famous People

   Round 3 - Proverbs

   Final Round - Quotations


Pattern B: (may enter no more than two from the following):

Dramatic Interpretation, Declamation, Poetry, Storytelling (theme: none), Informative, Program Oral Interp (Middle School TOC rules)


 Extemporaneous Speaking

               Round 1 - Economy

               Round 2 - Technological Breakthroughs

               Round 3 - Foreign News

               Final Round - Domestic News


Pattern C: (may enter in only ONE of the following):

LD : January/February Topic - Resolved: Plea bargaining ought to be abolished in the United States criminal justice system.

PF: April Topic - Resolved: The United States federal government should increase its quote of H1-B Visas.

Policy: (2017-2018 Topic)



Registration: 1pm to 3pm


3:00 PM Round 1C (LD/PF)

5:00 PM Round 2C (LD/PF)

7:00 PM Round 3C (LD/PF)


8:00 AM    Round 1A (Pro, HI, OO, Duo, Imp)

9:30 AM    Round 4C (LD/PF) / RD 1 (Congress) / RD 1 (Policy)

11:30 AM   Round 2A (Pro, HI, OO, Duo, Imp)

1:00 PM    Round 5C (LD/PF) / RD 2 (Congress) / RD 2 (Policy)

3:00 PM    Round 3A (Pro, HI, OO, Duo, Imp)

4:30 PM    Double-Octo (LD/PF) / RD 3 (Congress) / RD 3 (Policy)

5:45 PM    Finals Speech (Pro, HI, OO, Duo, Imp)

7:15 PM    Octos (LD/PF) / RD 4 (Policy)



8:00 AM   Round 1B (DI, Dec, Poe, Sty, Ext, POI, Info)

9:30 AM   Round 2B (DI, Dec, Poe, Sty, Ext, POI, Info)

11:00 AM  Quarters(LD/PF) / Finals (Congress) / Elims (Policy)

12:15 PM  Round 3B (DI, Dec, Poe, Sty, Ext, POI, Info)

1:45 PM   Finals (DI, Dec, Poe, Sty, Ext, POI, Info)

3:15 PM   Semi Finals (LD/PF) / Elims (Policy)