Jersey Shore Elementary Middle Parli Tournament

2018 — Long Branch, NJ/US

On behalf of the Amerigo A. Anastasia Debate Team, you are cordially invited to the Jersey Shore Elementary Debate on March 24, 2018 for a day of exciting, fun and intense debate. We will offer one format of debate, Novice Parliamentary and Advanced Parliamentary for more advanced students. Both will feature three rounds of debate. Students competing must be 3rd - 8th grade students.

Only students in their FIRST year of debate (elementary or middle) should register under the Novice Parli event.

Any students (elementary or middle) who have a year or more of debate experience should register under the Open Parli event.

Judges’ training will be available for individuals interested in judging Parliamentary Debate.


The topic for this debate:  This house would require all immigrants coming to the United States to learn English.


The location for the debate:

Amerigo A. Anastasia School, 92 Seventh Avenue, Long Branch, NJ 07740