OCSL Debate State Qualifier

2018 — CA/US

Welcome to the Orange County Speech League's 2018 State Qualifying Debate Tournament, to be hosted by Fairmont Prep, in Anaheim, on Friday & Saturday, February 23th & 24th.


Fairmont Preparatory Academy

2200 W. Sequoia Ave.

Anaheim, CA 92801

(Please do not arrive at FPA before 3:30 on Friday, to allow for the parking lot / school to clear out.)

Policy, Lincoln-Douglas, Public Forum, & Parliamentary

Single Entry

Students may only enter one debate event. 

Debate Topics

We will be utilizing the Jan/Feb LD topic, and the Feb PF topic. Please see the link on the right for more information. 


Similar to CHSSA State tournament's new practices as of 2019: Four preliminary rounds with a break to quarters. A run off will be done for Parli and Public Forum to determine the 3rd place. 



 Schools are required to bring  one judge for every three debaters/teams. We will be hiring as many judges as we can but we still expect judges to come and to stay. 

If schools need different judges for each day that is fine, please send me an email so I can enter in that information. 

Entry Limits

All events will be capped at 10 entries per school. 

Flighting of Debate Events

Parli & Public Forum will be flighted in a similar manner to the CHSSA State tournament - Flight 1 in most rooms will be PF, with Flight 2 being Parli, allowing Parli to prep during the first flight of PF. If PF entries outnumber Parli entries, a small number of rooms may be double-flighted with PF in both 1st & 2nd flight. 

Lincoln-Douglas will be double-flighted.

We will single-flight PF & Parli first, and then LD, when judge numbers allow. 

Principal's Designation Letter
Before any school is permitted to compete in any OCSL tournament, they must have a signed copy of the Principal's Designation Letter on file with the League.  This document confirms who is officially designated to represent each school as the official sponsor with the League, and who is authorized to represent the school as an official chaperone at League tournaments.  Please have your principal fill out and sign the letter, which can be downloaded from the front page of each OCSL tournament website, and return it to the league no later than registration of first League tournament your school participates in this year.

League Dues Invoice

League Dues are $30.00 per school per year.  These are expected to be paid at or before a school's first OCSL tournament of the year.  An invoice specifically for league dues is located on the front page of each OCSL tournament website.  These dues only need to be paid once per year, not for each tournament.