Ryan Al McKeithan Invitational at Seaman High School

2018 — Topeka, KS/US

Seaman High School

“Ryan ‘Al’ McKeithan”  Invitational

Saturday, 3/10/2018


Greetings!  You are invited to join us at Seaman High School for the RAM invitational, set to take place on Saturday, March 10th, 2018.


  1. Tournament Size:


Currently, we are limited to 300 entries total.  IF we come up with extra judges, we will open more rooms accordingly and add additional students off the waitlist.


Individual entries are initially limited to 40/school.  First preference goes to Flint Hills Schools.  We know not all FH schools will max out their entry, so additional spots will go to non-FH schools, then any remaining spots will be distributed to schools wanting more than 40 after the deadline closes on 3/5.


  1. Registration:


Registration will take place via tabroom.com.  I would also appreciate an E-mail response with a quick “yes/no” and preliminary entry size.  Registration will open on Friday, 2/23/18, and close for adds on Monday, March 5th.


  1. Events/Structure/Fees


We will offer the standard NSDA events, with 10 qualifying for KSHSAA.  POI and INFO10 will be offered but do not qualify for State.  Keep in mind that if these last 2 events don’t “make” at least a section, we’ll collapse them into INFO7 and POE/PROSE accordingly.















Most events will follow the NSDA rules and structure, including Duo.  However, Impromptu, Poetry/Prose, and Informative 7 will follow KSHSAA guidelines.


The tournament follows a standard IE structure: 3 prelim rounds and 1 finals round, which determines placings and State qualifications.   Finals will be cumulative.


Fees are $5.00/student/entry.  We will lock fees for invoicing on Wednesday, 3/7.


***A note on triple entry--triple entry will only be allowed if the 3rd event is impromptu.  In addition, please be judicious.  We are limited on entries this year, so if you are planning on tacking on impromptu as a 3rd event for your kids, you’ll use up your 40 entries pretty quickly.  Put your serious IMP kids in first, then tack on the extras AFTER we get better numbers on extra entries.


  1. Awards/Sweeps


Top 6 will medal in each event.  Total numbers will determine State qualifiers from each event.


We will do 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place on sweeps.  Sweeps will be determined by coach pick, 20 entries total.  A student may only be used twice for sweeps, even if they are entered in 3 events.


  1. Concessions


Those of you who have been here before know that we’re slightly off the path in terms of food options.  Check the short lunch period and plan accordingly.  It will be tough to get all your kids loaded up and into town and back in time.  We WILL offer a concession stand and they will provide a pizza order form to be turned in after you register on Saturday, as well as a variety of other foods/drinks.  Strongly consider this option, first of all for convenience, and second, because all profits go directly to SHS Speech&Debate to be used for State and Nationals.


  1. Projected Schedule




Rd 1 Draw, IX+DX


Rd 1


Rd 2


Rd 3



2:15, or ASAP


The musical is going on Friday and Saturday, so we may do awards out of the commons/cafeteria this year in order to assuage the Drama department’s concerns somewhat!