Carl Lewis Winter Clash University of Debate

2018 — East Palo Alto Phoenix Academy, CA/US


Greetings Debaters, Coaches and Supporters!


University of Debate is pleased to extend a cordial invitation to your debaters and schools to enter our First Annual Carl Lewis Winter Clash Tournament at East Palo Alto Phoenix Academy to be hosted on:


SATURDAY January 27, 2018 at 8:00AM


The tournament will comprise of three events: Congress, Campaign Speaking and How To Speaking.

This tournament is open to 4-8 grade students with Congress being limited to 6-8th grade students.  The docket will be released two weeks before the tournament on Jan.13th.


Debaters may register independently or with a school. All students must be accompanied by an adult or guardian during registration and the opening meeting for the tournaments. Parents and observers are encouraged to attend the Opening Session, Lunch, Town Hall and the Awards Ceremony, but will be asked to wait outside of competition rooms during rounds.


The Tournament schedule is as follows:


7:30 AM Registration

8:00 AM Opening Orientation

8:30 AM Campaign Speaking Round 1

8:30 AM How To Speaking Round 1

8:30 AM Congress Session 1  

9:30 AM Campaign Speaking Round 2  

9:30 AM How To Speaking Round 2

10:15 AM Congress Session 2 Con,

10:30 AM How To Speaking Round 3  

10:30 AM Campaign Speaking Round 3

11:15 AM LUNCH 12:30 PM Congress  

12:30 PM Campaign Speaking Final Round

12:30 PM How To Speaking Final Round  

1:30 PM University of Debate Town Hall

2:30 PM Awards Ceremony


This tournament is sponsored and supported by University of Debate and the East Palo Alto Phoenix Academy Middle School Debate Team and is open to the public. You are invited to enter on a ‘first come first served’ basis. Event explanations and fees are located on the tournament website on Tabroom :


The entry fee will be $25.00 per entry (for entries received on or by Jan. 24th at 5:00pm) and $25.00 per school* for entries. (*This fee applies to schools with more than 2 students registering from their site). No entries will be accepted after Jan.26th at 3:00PM.  In either case, the appropriate fee must be paid via electronic invoice received upon registration or by check or money order at the tournament site. Checks should be made payable to University of Debate.


Per tournament entry commitments, once your registration has been confirmed, no refund will be considered should any team(s) be withdrawn from the competition. Drop fees and dates are on the tournament website. Breakfast is not provided and students should eat in the morning, lunch is provided and included with paid tournament fees only.  We look forward to seeing you for another enjoyable weekend of debate.


Please note that to support the goal of empowering elementary and middle school aged students to engage productively in debate, please note that all participants must agree to keep speech content and language appropriate for late elementary to middle school aged students. Concerns about speech content from judges should be directed to the Tab Room.



In collaboration,



The University of Debate Team