Desert Hills Debate Tournament

2017 — UT/US

Desert Hills High Speech and Debate Tournament 2017

When: Fri., Dec. 1 - Sat., Dec. 2, 2017

Where: Desert Hills High School

828 East Desert Hills Drive

Saint George, Utah 84790

Contact: James Sparks

Phone: 435.319.0888



This tournament has a limit of twelve-ish schools with up to about forty competitors per school. Exceptions for larger schools with past attendance at our tournament may be made with a randomized forty students counted toward sweeps.


Open division only tournament

Friday debate, three rounds -- policy, pf, ld, congress

Saturday IEs, three rounds– d interp, h interp, duo, extemp, oratory, impromptu, spar



LD December topic will be used.

Extemp November topics will be used.

PF December topic will be used.

Congress bills will be from Utah pre-selected pool.


School Fee $15.00 per day

Student Fee $4.00 per student per event (pf/cx/duo = $8.00)

Payable at check-in Friday, based on registration numbers at Tuesday deadline.


Judge requirements: 1 judge per six i.e. entries Saturday; 1 per four teams ld/pf entries and 1 per 2 for cx.

Please fill judge requirements; penalty of $15 per judge-forfeiture round.



-Encourage classiness and cleanliness from your kids and make sure they respect property by keeping areas clean, not touching classroom items, and staying out of rooms with no adults. Students in classrooms without adult will forfeit events for student and sweepstakes for team.



-Double entries are acceptable for Saturday’s IE's. (except no double entry for extemp).

Students must sign in at second event before going to first. Make sure students know efficient double entering strategy such as going to smaller round before more crowded round, faster event before sluggish event (e.g. SPAR before oratory), etc.

-Extempers will draw from choice of foreign or domestic topics, and based on registration numbers, may compete in mixed rounds. Topics will be drawn from the monthly list released to Utah schools. For this tournament, NOVEMBER topics will be used. Easier and more difficult topics will be mixed together for both levels.


-Congress participants bring own copies of all bills to the tournament.

-Spar: 1) Winner of coin flip decides ahead of seeing topics whether he/she will select topic or select speaking order. 2) Three topics are drawn and one is then selected -- like impromptu. 3) Other speaker chooses to speak first or second.



Friday - Debate Events

2:55-3:10 Check in (our school day isn’t over until 2:45 pm)

3:30 Rd 1 Congress – 3:15 orientation/swearing in

5:00 Rd 2 3:30ish – 7:45 with half hour recess at midpoint of actual time

7:00 Rd 3


Saturday – Speech Events

7:45-8   Check in

8:15       Extemp prep for 1st Rd

8:30      IE Rd 1   

10:00   Extemp prep for 2nd Rd

10:15    IE Rd 2                  

12:00   Extemp prep for 3rd Rd

12:15    IE Rd 3

1:30     Awards