Ivy League Parliamentary Championship

2018 — New York, NY/US

Our thanks to all those who attended this weekend.  Congratulations to Wilton, the top team in the Varsity division, and to the High School of American Studies who took top honors in Novice.  

Results for all rounds are posted on lines.  For the out rounds the designated sides and judge names may not be correct in all cases, but the ballot counts are.  We hope to post ballots later this week.

Questions, comments, suggestions for next year?  Please email us!


Dear Speech and Debate Coach,

On behalf of the Columbia Debate Society, we are delighted to invite you and your team to the Ivy League Parliamentary Championship high school debate tournament on Saturday, February 10-11, 2018 at Columbia University in New York. All elimination rounds will be judged by a hand-picked group of highly competitive college-level parliamentary Ivy League debaters, and we look forward to an exceptional level of debate throughout the weekend.

Our tab director will be Everett Rutan from the Connecticut Debate Association.  In addition to that league, he has run the Parliamentary divisions at Yale, University of Pennsylvania and Vassar, and teaches Parliamentary Debate at Dartmouth’s summer debate camp. 

This invitation and additional information is or will be posted on our tournament website, http://ivyleagueparli.tabroom.com .  If you have additional questions or need assistance please email us at columbiadebate@gmail.com . Please do not hesitate to contact us if your team is experiencing financial difficulties.

Best wishes for the holiday season.  We look forward to building a premier event for the high school parliamentary debate community.  We hope to see you in New York in February.  



Anna Lu

Tournament Director