SPA Invitational

2017 — Saint Paul, MN/US

Dear Debaters and Coaches:

The SPA Debate Team and Parents would like to invite you and your team to the SPA Varsity Tournament to be held on December 2nd 2017.  The tournament is held at Saint Paul Academy and Summit School, (Randolph Avenue Campus) 1712 Randolph Avenue, St. Paul, MN 55105. 

This tournament is explicitly NOT meant to compete with, but rather to supplement, the Junior Varsity and Novice state tournament.  Hopefully we are close enough that your squad can attend both tournaments if you choose.  We will not flight competition, please bring 1 judge for each 2 entries. 

Fees: PF: $15, LD: $10.

Topics:  LD debate will use the November/December topic, and PF will use the December topic.

Food: We will have usual debate fare: pizza, drinks, chips, candy, etc. for sale during the tournament.The tournament will feature outstanding competition in Public Forum and Lincoln-Douglas Debate.   We will do whatever it takes to keep this tournament on time and running smoothly.

Our planned schedule is as follows:

PF and LD (Lunch between rounds 3 and 4)

Registration 7:45-8:15

Round 1 8:30

Round 2 9:30

Round 3 10:30

Round 4 12:30

Round 5 1:30

Awards 3:15

Please email Tom Fones at with questions or concerns.   Registration deadline is 5 PM, Wednesday December 4th. Hoping to see you in St. Paul!

Tom Fones- Head Coach

Heather Fairbanks- Assistant Coach


Bilal Askari- Assistant Coach