CASLV Big Question Invitational

2017 — Henderson, NV/US

CASLV Biq Question Invitational 

CASLV is happy to host our first ever Biq Question Debate tournament in Southern Nevada. We will be allowing teams to enter either as individuals or as a team. All cases must adhere to the rules established by the NSDA. Please use the link below to see all rules and resources for events. Judges will also receive training for the specific rules for this event during both a morning and afternoon judge instructions session. All competitors, judges, and audience members will be asked to fill out a short survey about their experience. This will be conducted after Round 4 while participants wait for awards. 

Big Questions rules and resources

From the NSDA: 

“Entries from participating schools and any judges they provide consent to the rules of the Big Questions event, including the format and topicality guidelines. Schools should provide their judges with access to the National Speech & Debate Association’s judge training resources prior to the tournament. Event resources for students and coaches are provided by the NSDA. Judges and competitors will also be asked to complete a brief survey before leaving the tournament site.”

The tournament is currently scheduled for a single flight for each round; however if interest in the tournament warrants we will double flight each round to allow for more competitors. 

The topic is:

Resolved: Humans are fundamentally different from other animals.