Shawnee Heights The Great Debate

2017 — Tecumseh, KS/US

Shawnee Heights Debate

4201 SW Shawnee Heights Road, Tecumseh, Kansas

The Great Debate

Dear Debate Coach,

Your debate team is cordially invited to compete at Shawnee Heights High School’s “The Great Debate” annual invitational tournament on November 3 and 4, 2017. We will offer a two-day Novice, Open, and Varsity tournament with five preliminary rounds, and out rounds in each division. Our first three rounds will take place on Friday evening.

Please reserve your entries on Tabroom with names OR designate them as TBA by October 23, 2017. We cannot guarantee your entries if you register after 4 p.m. on October 23rd. Final names need to be entered by 4 p.m. on Tuesday, October 31. Please limit your initial entry to four teams. We will approve extras on a case-by-case basis, starting with Flint Hills schools and schools that give us extras. We can accommodate a total of 90 teams. Entry fees are $6 per team, or whatever you charge. Please notify us of any cancellations by Monday, October 30th. Fees will be set and at 5:00 pm, Monday, October 30th. You will be obligated for fees for any drops after Monday, October 30th.

Additional tournament info:

Rounds one and two will be preset, and rounds three, four, and five will be delayed power matched. The tournament will be cross-examination style with 8-3-5 time limits and five minutes of prep time. Any team more than ten minutes late to a round will automatically receive a loss with a speaker rating of seven.



Consult the 'Custom Page" on the right that addresses this year's agreed upon Novice Affirmative case areas.  This list will be followed in this year's Shawnee Heights The Great Debate Tournament for the Novice Division. 

We will break to quarterfinals in all three divisions, with medals for the top 8 teams. The top three schools will receive trophies in the sweepstakes category. In order to be eligible for sweeps, a school must have at least one team in each division. Your top team in each division, plus one at large, will count toward sweepstakes. “Mavericks” will not be eligible for awards: only teams composed of the same two debaters for all five rounds will be eligible for awards. We will follow all KSHSAA rules.

Concessions will be available for students, and coaches can look forward to a super delicious hospitality lounge run by awesome parents who make great food.


Friday, November 3:

Round 1: 3:30

Round 2: 5:00

Round 3: 7:15

Saturday, November 4:

Round 4: 8:00

Round 5: 10:00

Assembly: (12:30) ASAP

Quarters, Semis, Finals: ASAP

We hope to see you in November!


Mallory Raugewitz

Debate Coach

Hannah Johnson and Mallory Copeland

Assistant Debate Coaches'

Elizabeth Hennessey

Tournament Director