SFL Novice After School

2017 — Sioux Falls, SD/US

Dear Coach:

 You are invited to attend the Lincoln After School Novice tournament. There are no entry fees for these contests.  We will host Novice Policy, Novice Public Forum, and Novice LD. All three events should be limited to FIRST YEAR debaters. If they have debated in another event prior to this year, they are not eligible to attend.


 When: Tuesday October 31, 2017


 Entries: You should enter two person teams who are in their first year of debate or one person for LD.


 Dedline: Entries should be completed on Tabroom.com by 5:00pm Monday night. (October 30)

 Supervision: A coach from each school should remain at Lincoln for the duration of the contest to supervise hallways and classrooms between rounds.


 Judges: One competent judge for every two teams or fraction thereof. You may use high school Varsity debaters who will listen and write clear, constructive ballots. Please make sure that the judges you bring for each debate event can effectively judge that event. – If judges have a tabroom account, we will use online ballots.



Policy Time Limits: Constructive speeches – 7 minutes; 1AC still 8 minutes

                                    Cross-examination – 2 minutes

                                    Rebuttals – 4 minutes

                                    Prep time – 5 minutes


Public Forum and LD Time Limits: NSDA Time limits will be used.

 Awards: Ribbons for undefeated 2 person teams or 1 person in LD



Schedule:       POLICY

3:30     Registration in Cafeteria

3:50     General meeting in Cafeteria

4:00     Round 1

5:00     Round 2

6:00     Round 3

7:15     Awards in Library

                        PFO/LD  Schedule

                        4:00 Round 1

                        4:45 Round 2

                        5:30 Round 3

                        6:15 Round 4

 Policy Resolution: Resolved: The United States Federal Government should substantially increase its funding and/or regulation of elementary and/or secondary education in the united States.


 1) STEM

2) Charter schools or Vouchers

Novices may also run the 50 States Counterplan – Unconditionally; Aff’s may run 50 states fiat bad.

 Public Forum and LD Resolutions:  We will use the November NSDA topic for PFO and the November December NSDA Topic for LD.



Tony Martinet

SFL Debate Coach

367-7990 (school)  254-7097 (cell)