Manhattan Debate Invitational

2017 — Manhattan, KS/US

The 2017 Manhattan High School Invitational Debate Tournament will take place on Friday-Saturday, October 20-21, 2017

Registration will OPEN on at 5:00 pm, SEPTEMBER 20TH.

* When registering, please supply all requested information.

Registration will CLOSE on at 5:00 pm, OCTOBER 16TH.

* Entries received after 5:00 PM, OCTOBER 16TH will not be guaranteed.

Entry fees, $6.00 per team, will be accessed at 5:00 PM, OCTOBER 16TH.

If you “drop” a team(s) after 5:00 PM, OCTOBER 16TH, you will still be obligated for the accessed fee(s).

Coaches will have through 4:00 PM, Wednesday, October 18th to move teams between divisions, and adjust/change the names of debaters as they were first entered.



All entries will initially be "wait listed."

You are allowed up to 6 total teams entered, with NO MORE than 4 in either division

An additional 2 teams will be considered.  If you seek a 7th or 8th team, PLEASE send an email to Ms. Kliner with that request:  Consideration of additional teams will first be given to Flint Hills NSDA schools, and then schools hosting tournaments that Manhattan will plan to attend AND the school will reciprocate


Consult the 'Custom Page" that addresses this year's agreed upon Novice Affirmative case areas.  This list will be followed in this year's Manhattan Invitational Debate Tournament for the Novice Division. 

Tournament Specifics:

2 divisions: Open, Novice  

5 preliminary rounds

Varsity and Open will “break” to Quarters, Semis, Finals (if and as entries warrant)

The projected schedule is included in the separate "Custom Page" to the right.