PCFL JV Finals

2017 — Levittown, PA/US

I am pleased to invite you to our PCFL junior varsity finals on April 1, 2017 at Truman High School.  Special thanks to Tom for hosting us.


Registration is via Tabroom.com and is due by 5pm on Thursday, March 30, 2017.  No exceptions!


This event is only open to junior varsity competitors, defined as “any ninth or tenth grader, any eleventh grader in the first year of forensic competition, or any senior in the first semester of their first year of forensic competition.” Students are eligible to compete at JV Finals according to the PCFL definition of Junior Varsity, so long as they have not qualified to attend the NCFL Grand National Tournament in the current season.


For debate events, each school may send six entries total, with a maximum of three entries per event. In speech, each school may fill a maximum of three students/duo teams per event but no more than 14 students/teams in all categories combined. Each school may send two students to the JV House.



Seniors who judge at JV finals should have previous judging experience. Judge quotas are as follows:

  • CX debate: 1 judge for 1 or 2 teams, 2 judges for 3 teams;
  • LD debate: 1 judge for 1 or 2 contestants, 2 judges for 3 teams;
  • PFD debate: 1 judge for 1 or 2 teams, 2 judges for 3 teams;
  • Speech: 1 judge for 1 to 4 contestants/teams, 2 judges for 5 to 8 contestants/teams, 3 judges for 9 to 12 contestants/teams, 4 judges for 13 to 14 contestants/teams;
  • Student Congress: 1 judge for 1 or 2 contestants.


Registration will be held from 8:15-8:45 am.  The number of rounds necessary by event will be contingent, in part, upon the number of entries.  As a whole, we will use the typical JV Saturday schedule, plus a Round 4 or final where necessary.



Just a quick reminder that we will use the March-April national Lincoln-Douglas topic and the April national Public Forum topic.



Congress will use the PCFL finals packet.  A random draw will be held for order.
Please remember that entrance fees of $5 per student are due to our Treasurer for both finals and JV finals.
We look forward to seeing you at Truman.  Should you have any questions, please let me know.


Chris Berdnik


PCFL Vice-President