Wellington Crusaders Classic

2017 — Wellington, KS/US



Hereafter let it be known that ye are invited to the annual, Wellington Forensics Fest to be held on the 18th day of February in the year 2017.  We request that you join us in the usual events:  Interpretation of Prose, Interpretation of Poetry, Serious Solo Acting, Humorous Solo Acting, Duet Acting, Extemporaneous Speaking, Original Oration, Informative Speaking, Impromptu Speaking and for the jester in all of us, Improvised Duet Acting. A small fee of $5.00 per entry in each event per person shall be required.  

Alas we must currently limit entries 4 per event and 18 total per challenging Barony (schools), but if ye are interested in a larger number, indicate that it is so and we will do our humble best to accommodate thy request. All entries must be received by the 10th day of February. The dropping of an event may be made by 17th day of February without penalty.


Any and all queries (questions) should be relayed to Mistress Dorathea Kelly at 620-326-4310 any time between 8:00 –3:15, or ye may email her at the following address dkelly@usd353.com.



The Master and Mistress of Ceremonies will bestow beautiful wall hangings to the three teams who achieve the highest scores accumulated from thy top 16 entries.  Medallions wrought in burnished metals will be conferred upon the top six competitors in each event in each division.  We shall hold three preliminary competitions followed by a final competition.  The top six in each event shall advance unto the final competitions unless a tie may come to pass.  In that event, all competitors who have tied will be permitted to advance to the final competition.


Dorathea Kelly, WHS Forensics Coach

1700 East 16th Street

Wellington, Kansas 67152


FAX – 620-326-4283